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Alec Lewkowicz

We are thankful to the Lewkowicz and Iannuzzi families for sharing their story with us. 

Alec Lewkowicz died of a heroin overdose on July 8th, 2018. He was 27 years old. We learned about Alec's death while hosting REACH at the BEACH last year. Alec's mom, Kathy, is an old New Rochelle friend and we just couldn't believe that yet another life had been lost. Kathy describes her son as a kind, loving soul who loved his family and his friends. He loved music, concerts and the San Francisco 49ers. It is our hope that Alec's family find comfort knowing that Alec is helping to change how we see addiction. The proceeds from 3rd Annual REACH at the BEACH will be donated to the St Christopher's Inn in Alec's memory. We are thankful to the Lewkowicz and Iannuzzi family for sharing their story.

A portion of the proceeds from the 3rd Annual REACH at the BEACH event was donated to St. Christopher's Inn in Alec's memory.  


An open letter from Alec's siblings, Ryan and Tara

We are thankful to Ryan and Tara Lewkowicz for sharing their story with us. 

Funny, kind, gregarious and loving are just a few of the words we would use to describe our brother Alec. Our brother died from an accidental overdose on July 8th, 2018. For the majority of Alec’s battle with addiction, we found it difficult to understand his struggles... as I’m sure many do when they themselves are not an addict. As the years went on and Alec battled fearsome lows, followed by admirable highs, we were able to learn a lot about his addiction. Alec had many great traits and one of his greatest ones was his ability to connect with people. He could carry a conversation with anyone who crossed his path. In fact, he often found himself guiding and supporting other people who were suffering all while he was struggling with his addiction. No matter how great he was doing in life, staying on the right path would always be a challenge. We’ve learned along the way that we showed Alec as much love as possible during his journey. Without a doubt there was frustration and pain, but when all was said and done our big brother knows he was loved. He would want us to be here today helping others to triumph in their struggles. As sad as we are that our brother’s life was cut short, we’ve learned so much from him. We will miss Alec everyday for the rest of our lives. 


Ryan and Tara Lewkowicz 


Ryan, Tara and Alec Lewkowicz

If your family would like to share their own personal story of loss, recovery, or hope, please contact us.​

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